Fishing For Myth

In her remarkable first book, Minnesota poet Erdrich reveals the mythic encounters beneath our daily lives. Evoking with rich images the physical reality of places, she demonstrates the bonds between land, history, and people, and recreates an intense, almost frightening sense of the emotional and spiritual heartbeat of a place– Fodder, Newsletter of Hungry Mind Books, Jan.-Feb. 1998

This first book of poems by Heid E. Erdrich is filled with unusual verve and vision. Each of the approximately 45 poems in this slender volume stands strongly on its own, ranging from the foreboding “Fourth of July Electrical Storm” to the highly humorous “Hopi Prophet Chooses a Pop”. . . The book is aptly titled, for each of Erdrich’s poems represents a riveting exploration of the depths of self-created myth. Readers who go “fishing for myth” with Erdrich will not be disappointed. Each casting yields an exhilarating experience-and the marvelous tug of something deep and very much alive indeed.– The Forum,  Sept. 14, 1997

In this delightful collection, Heid E. Erdrich reveals the mythic encounter beneath our daily lives. We see in a new light the boyfriend, the childhood game, the losses we endured, the dog we longed for, all given us again with rich and moving language. This collection comes into the heart like the first snow of winter and the blazing green of spring buds. It makes you take stock of your life and feel glad for it all.– Roberta Hill, author of Star Quilt.

Fishing For Myth

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