Little Big Bully

Electric Lit -“Minneapolis-based writer Erdrich’s poetry collection is laced with dark humor and shines with incisive wit. Her poems range from a bitingly scornful takedown of the fetishization of Indigenous identity through genetic testing kits to a heart-wrenchingly vulnerable “how-to” (How to not be afraid you can say it / I am not afraid to learn / How to live with the hurt of being human / How you learn it is you say / it hurts / How in itself it is the lesson).”


“I LOVE listening to poets read their own work, and Little Big Bully written and narrated by Heid E. Erdrich is no exception. The entire collection is a deep dive into all-engrossing poetic writing. I followed along with the text edition, allowing me to see where Erdrich plays with form. Using both print and audio is the perfect way to get a complete experience. Other times, I would just sit, close my eyes, and enjoy Erdrich’s incredible work.”

Little Big Bully - published by Penguin books, 2020. Available SIGNED only at along with my other books, also signed.


Little Big Bully

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