“Lexiconography 1″ is one of a series of poems Heid E. Erdrich has collaborated on with Margaret Noodin. Heid’s original text in English (written with an awareness of Ojibwe language) is translated into Anishinaabemowin and then back into English to reveal tensions between the language as Noodin sees them. The animated poem is not a strict translation of the English.

Lexiconography 1” is available as a FREE downloadable work of art by Meghan Keane at www.broadsidedpress.org


“Lexiconography 1″

Created by

R. Vincent Moniz, Jr.


Jonathan Thunder


Written by

Heid E. Erdrich


Margaret Noori


Some art elements based on work by

Meghan Keane

and used by permission


Available for download from www.broadsidedpress.org


Our thanks to all involved.


Works are available online at





Heid E. Erdrich is a fiscal year 2012 recipient of an individual artist grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board.

This activity is funded, in part,

by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund as appropriated by the Minnesota

State Legislature with money from the Legacy Amendment vote

of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.